Waking Up Gray

Can you start your life over at forty? Lizbeth Jackson was about to find out. She found her first gray hair on the morning of her trip to Ocracoke Island, off the coast of North Carolina.  Lizbeth was about to begin a three-month sabbatical, on the scenic coastal island, in order to finish her Master’s thesis in Linguistic Anthropology. She plans to study the Carolina Brogue spoken there. What she ends up studying is her lesbian neighbor across the street and the uncontrollable pull Lizbeth feels toward her. Lizbeth Jackson is about to find out what life has to offer, after waking up gray.

Excerpts from Reader’s Online Reviews:

“I could not put this book down. I kept thinking I would take a break and write a post about how much I loved every minute, but the book pulled me ever onward. Having spent time on the N.C. Outer Banks I was immediately spellbound by the rich descriptions of the setting and felt I was with the characters at every turn in the road. The internal world of Lizbeth as she awakens to her passions and seizes them is exquisitely drawn, and Gray? Well, she’s a Wampus Cat, wild as they come, and definitely worth the chase. A Fabulous read. “

“Having been my first introduction to R.E Bradshaw, Waking Up Gray published in 2010, has been a delightful read. The very first few pages read almost like a Hemingway novel with vivid details of people, places and things, I was hooked immediately. I finished this novel in under two days, staying up late into the night reading. I couldn’t put it down. The visuals are stunning and unlike any other lesbian novel I’ve read. Normally, they tend to be very fake and written very amateurishly. Reading this was like reading a novel written by a Pulitzer prize-winning novelist. it was descriptive, intuitive, romantic and just plain sexy. “

“Ever pick up and book and you can’t put it down? You have to finish it in one sitting? It happens again for me with R.E. Bradshaw’s WAKING UP GRAY. To say I loved it isn’t enough and to give five stars isn’t enough. SO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I will read more Bradshaw. “

“Another AMAZING book by R. E. Bradshaw! I have read all of her books and always seem to fall in love with all of her characters! The only problem that I have is I always finish the book in two or three days and then have to wait months for her to release a new one!!! And to find another book to read while I wait is a waste because they do not compare to R. E Bradshaw!! Can’t wait for the next book =) “

“This is a wonderful story, it related to many of us especially at the age of our forties. I’ve been looking for romance f/f books about women our age as I can relate. I thoroughly did enjoy this book and it’s worth my time and money to feel connected and to feel love again. I highly recommended a good beach, summer reading, this book is it.”

I’d have to say that this author is becoming one of my favorites. She has the characters play so well together. Gray’s grandmother is hysterical. She is a straight shooter. Which is something that Gray needs because of what she had to deal with in her previous relationship. All I can suggest is to make sure to read all of the books that this author has written. You will not be disappointed. She has such a way with pulling you into the book as well as the moment.”

“I have read every book written by this talented author, never once being disappointed. Can’t wait for her next work of art.”

“There are tons of run-of-the-mill mediocre lesbian romances available — and this isn’t one of them. What set Bradshaw’s books apart is the charm, humor, and engaging way she presents her characters. She’s just a really, really damn good writer.”

“Waking Up Gray” is another wonderful addition to the list of R.E. Bradshaw’s books. The previous four books have been little gems, but Waking Up Gray just has that extra final polish on it that made it a joy to read. The best compliment I can give to show how much I enjoyed it, is that as soon as I finished, I immediately read it again. “

“I loved everything about this book. The characters are all enjoyable, Fanny is the wise, funny old grandmother everyone wishes they had to give them advice, Lizbeth’s daughter Mazie is funny and accepting and knows her mother well, there’s even an appearance from Molly Kincaid, the well-known lesbian attorney who we know from a couple of other Bradshaw books. The attraction between Gray and Lizbeth is sizzling hot, the romance builds wonderfully, with just a little miss-communication and angst to make you appreciate the romance all the more. And as always with Bradshaw’s books, the landscape itself plays a role in the story. Even though I’ve never been anywhere near the US, I feel like I’ve traveled along with the characters through the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Along with her other books, Waking Up Gray definitely makes it onto my re-read list. Thanks for the wonderful story :)

“Waking Up Gray is another story with vivid characters and great images of North Carolina. Beware: you might want to drop everything and just splurge on a wonderful holiday at the Outer Banks. Great characters (some old friends from former books as well) and sound story make for another wonderful read by RE Bradshaw. “