Sweet Carolina Girls

Harper Lee Lynch, only 23 years-old and a doctoral candidate, finds herself in Chapel Hill, North Carolina alone, with only her Golden Retriever, Jasper, to keep her company. Shortly after moving into her new home, Harper chooses to stop at the Tarr Bar, a local eatery. That moment changes Harper’s life forever. Follow her journey, making new friends and finding the happiness she has yearned for, since the tragedy that launched her on this path. Fall in love with this group of ten women, as they laugh, cry and fight their way through emotional roller coasters, set in motion by Harper’s arrival.

This mixture of gay and straight women in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, makes for an interesting dynamic and an endless supply of storylines. The characters range, in ages, from 23 to 69 and are the kind of friends you hope you have, when push comes to shove. Harper finds out just what kind of friends she’s found, when she gets pushed into a relationship by the forces of nature, neither she nor the beautiful Lauren can stop.

Excerpts from Reader’s Online Reviews:

“This is the second book I’ve read by RE Bradshaw and it’s the second one I’ve been unable to put down. I was so immersed in the story and due to the excellent descriptions of the scenery, I felt as though I was actually among the characters. A real page turner from start to finish. I would love to see these characters turn up in another book.”

“I was unsure when I purchased this book, because it wasn’t very expensive and I expected a mediocre lesbian romance which would probably hold my attention for a few minutes. I can tell you now, I was completely wrong! This story is brilliantly written with the characters of women who are true and real. I was completely lost in the book from the get go. I couldn’t put it down and I actually re read it directly after I finished the first time. I found that I just didn’t get enough of Lauren and Harper and their relationship. It was such a realistic, beautiful story about love at first sight and the realities of life. I do hope the author is contemplating a follow book regarding Harper and Lauren’s relationship and where it has lead. A girl can dream :)

“I started out just reading a book, but soon found myself “living” the story. Reading this story is a full immersion experience. I was only able to put this book down for eating, sleeping, and work.”

“I have got to tell you that I just happened upon this author’s books and instantly fell in love. I am from the Carolinas and love the books settings and the characters. Though a Sony ereader fanatic, I actually bought a kindle to get these books since I could not find them elsewhere and got tired of reading on my cell phone. Keep it up and I am looking very forward to your future work. Read this authors books and you will not be disappointed.”

“I hadn’t read any of R.E. Bradshaw’s books until recently. I have now read them all. She has a way of telling a story that makes you feel as if you are in it. Without giving the storyline away there is one point that the people in the book make a roster for whatever reason and I was so involved in the book, I felt like I should put my hand up to take a turn. Buy it and I don’t think you’ll regret it.”