Rainey Nights

Lambda Literary Award Finalist

Women are missing and dying in the Triangle area of North Carolina. One woman holds the key to why.
With the conclusion of the Y-Man murders nine months ago and her resignation from the FBI, Former Special Agent and Behavioral Analyst, Rainey Bell has finally found peace and contentment she never thought possible, even if she remains a bit paranoid. Her wariness is well-founded and justified when a monster from her past rears his demonic head.
Rainey has faced death and evil before – alone. Now it’s different – she has a family to protect, her own. Only Rainey can keep them alive. Or can she?
As one reviewer said, “Don’t assume you know how this story will end.”

Excerpts from Reader’s Online Reviews:

“…Both of the books in the Rainey series are very good and quickly draws the reader into the characters emotions. I would very much recommend this author and this series….”

“I was so excited when the second book came out. I enjoyed it entirely. I have become a huge fan and respect the author. The characters as well as the humor kept it truly interesting.”

“Rainey Nights by R. E. Bradshaw is the fantastic second book in the Rainey Bell Series…. Though Rainey and Katie’s love is the backdrop to the story, Rainey Nights is at heart a thriller. We get a glimpse into the life Rainey led when she was with the FBI and the human depravity she had to deal with which helps to show aptly why she’s trying to protect Katie. Though there are some really brutal scenes, they fit in the context of the story to help show the evilness that Rainey knows lives in the world.

“Rainey Nights is yet another well written book from Bradshaw. Although it could stand on its own, having read the first book in the series would definitely add to your reading pleasure, as you’d have a greater understanding of the nuances of the behaviors and interactions of all the characters. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in the Rainey Bell Series. “

“A truly well written excellent story. If you loved Rainey Days, you will adore Rainey Nights. I could not put this fast paced page turner down until I’d found out who the murderer was. The story just seamlessly flows. The plot is superb with lots of mystery, suspense and intrigue to keep the reader on the edge of the seat throughout, but with a light touch of humor too. The balance of the plot is just right, just enough is given away to keep the reader on the boil without giving away who the baddie is. “

“You will be hooked right from the beginning. Don’t start it unless you have time to sit down and finish it that day. “

“Another great read from RE Bradshaw. If you like a good thriller this is the book for you whilst it still has love and romance.“

“This book grabbed me from the first page and never let me go. I knew bad things were going to happen to good people – I just couldn’t figure out to whom and when. I love Bradshaw’s writing style – it’s dialogue rich, has vivid scenery, and enough southern-sweet drawl to make you crave a fountain-drawn cherry Coca Cola. This is the sixth book of hers that I have devoured, and I hope she writes many, many more. “

“Bonus Points for Bradshaw – you get your money’s worth page-wise. This is a “big book” – not one of those skinny novellas you pay full price to read. I appreciate that Bradshaw doesn’t take shortcuts to tell the story fast rather than fully.”

“With Rainey Bell RE Bradshaw has given us a wonderful complex Ex-FBI character: I loved Rainey Days and Rainey Nights is IMO as good or even better. Again RE delights and haunts us with great visuals: The opening scene is worthy of any Hollywood Movie and you got to love her secondary characters, e.g. Brooks (MORE!). And the story is complex too with several layers and some extras too! This book is not so much a classic “mystery” (although there is a strong element there), but rather a great study of characters, of how to survive a job as difficult as a profiler and about inner strength. The book is action-packed and at sometimes not for the faint of heart.“