Rainey Days

Special Agent Rainey Bell is on medical leave and has been for over a year, after a horrific attack left her scarred both inside and out. She drinks too much and hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in months. On a hung-over morning, in June, Rainey finds herself thrust back into the world of stalkers, rapist and serial killers by a request for help, from an old friend. The next thirteen days will change Rainey’s life forever, if she survives. On top of all that, Katie, her friend’s wife, the one she is supposed to protect, brings out feelings Rainey didn’t know she had. Though Katie is married and neither she nor Rainey has ever been in a lesbian relationship, the two women are thrown together by a bizarre series of events, learning to depend on each other for survival.

Excerpts from Reader’s Online Reviews:

“Bradshaw makes a brilliant debut as a mystery writer with this thriller. She obviously spent hours researching FBI cases, terminology, and case procedure to pen an enthralling drama. There are moments where the action wanes and the colorful descriptions tend to overwhelm the scenes. However, the underlying love story is touching and believable. Bradshaw is true to her lesbian lifestyle and it is clearly displayed between the lines of this terrific mystery. I hope to read another Rainey Bell mystery soon.”

“…I really like this author and this book in particular. It had me engaged throughout and wanting to keep reading…”