The Adventures of Decky and Charlie, Vol. 1 & 2

Two book bundle of the first two adventures of Decky and Charlie. Out on the Sound was Lambda Literary Award Finalist R. E. Bradshaw's first published novel in 2010. Out on the Panhandle continues the adventures of the lovable couple in 2012, two years after their debut. Find out why readers clamored for more of the Outer Banks beach girl and the Oklahoma cowgirl.

Excerpts from Reader’s Online Reviews:

I already uploaded a review of both books and raved about each when it came out! Out on the Sound, the first of the adventures of Decky and Charlie, had been an instant hit with soon-to-be RE Bradshaw fans and went viral in a few weeks. It is the brilliant story how Decky and Charlie meet in North Carolina and revels in glorious descriptions of the sound, great characters and a wonderful story of obstacles overcome. It definitely oozes Southern charm. For this bundle it has been lightly re-edited with a good proofreading, the story remains untouched.