Colde & Rainey


Lambda Literary Award Finalist

When an old friend of Billy Bell's is killed in a hunting accident, Rainey feels obligated to attend the memorial service. The forecasted blizzard cannot deter her from fulfilling what she believes would be her father's wishes. What begins as a trip to pay her respects deteriorates with the weather. As the snow begins to fall and temperatures plummet, Rainey finds herself once again in the crosshairs of a stone-cold killer. Colde & Rainey is the fourth book in the Rainey Bell thriller series. Books two and three, Rainey Nights and The Rainey Season were both Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Mystery.

Excerpts from Reader’s Online Reviews:

“Very few times have I offered up a critique of an authors works. Yet every time I read one of Ms Bradshaws works I want friends and family to purchase and read her novels. Honestly, one must be living under a rock, or comatosed not to enjoy reading any of her works. As with the previous books this could be a stand alone, but Rainey's journey is much more appreciated from the beginning. As a fan I don't want Ms Bradshaw to become a marionette to the outcries of fans, but it is hard to stop the question when or where will Rainey take us next. 1 day is all it took. Bravo madam. Just the thought of the hope to meet a pistol packing momma almost makes me want to become an NRA member :). Seriously this author is the real deal with intelligence, wit, and character developement I wish I could fibd in every book read.”